• April 23, 2020

    Dear Residents & Families,

    As part of our commitment to keeping our residents and families informed, we are developing new tools to provide you with timely and more frequent updates about our efforts to protect our nursing home residents and our staff.

    •As of April 23, 2020, none of the residents of the Residential Health Care Facility (RHCF) have tested positive for COVID-19.

    •In addition, none of our residents or staff are currently suspected of having the coronavirus. We continue to monitor residents and staff very closely to identify potential symptoms promptly.

    If anyone on the RHCF tests positive for COVID-19 or we see an increase in suspected cases in the number of residents or staff exhibiting respiratory symptoms, we will inform our families as promptly as possible. To assist us in this notification process, we will be contacting you to update your contact information, including e-mail address and cell phone number and carrier.

    By providing your cell phone number and carrier, we will be able to text an alert to you to check for updates in your e-mail or listen to a prerecorded message. Prerecorded updates will be available at 315. 338.7513.

    We understand that this is an unsettling time for everyone because families are separated from their loved ones. We are making every effort to look out for them as we would members of our own family.

    Please be reassured that we continue to work with the New York State and Oneida County Departments of Health and are following the published guideline of the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) to reduce the risks of exposure to keep everyone safe and healthy.

    The measures implemented in March are still in effect to protect our residents.
    -Visitation is prohibited in the nursing home, with limited exceptions;
    -Staff are required to wear an appropriate mask;
    -Everyone is screened for symptoms before entering the facility.
    -Residents, who are able, cover their mouth and nose when a staff member enters the room.
    -In accordance with social distancing guidelines, we maintain 6 feet of distance between residents when they are not in their rooms.
    -Residents remain on their own units. We minimize staff travel between units.

    We are closely monitoring the health and well-being of our residents. We’ve increased our rounding on our residents and are monitoring their vital signs, oxygen levels and screen for respiratory signs and symptoms on every shift.

    We are planning to send out a test of our new text and e-mail alert system May 4th to those who have provided their updated contact information. If you do not receive a message from us by May 6th, please contact Robert Caraher at 315.338.7302.

    For general information, we have placed links to our “Nursing Home Updates” on the homepage of our website at www.romehospital.org to make them easier to find.

    Our first priority is always the health and safety of our residents and staff. As always, we will contact you if the condition of your loved one changes and you can contact the unit to obtain information about your loved one any time.


    Anthony Joseph