• How to Contact your RHCF Resident when Visitation is Suspended

    We know that the suspension of visitation due to COVID-19 has made communication with your loved one more difficult. In an effort to help you stay connected, we have developed several options for virtual face-to-face communication, using your smartphone or tablet, laptop or desktop, equipped with a web camera, microphone, and speakers.

    We have devices for our residents to use and have set up accounts on several services including Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger and Google Hangout (for larger groups up to 10). In order to ensure your resident is available and alert, the preferred times for video services are Monday-Friday, 4-5 pm and 6-7 pm; other times may be arranged by request. All video services may be arranged by contacting Robert Caraher or Megan Absolom. Their contact information is:

    Robert: Rcaraher@romehospital.org Phone: 315.338.7302
    Megan: mabsolom@romehospital.org Phone: 315.338.7175

    We have set up accounts on several platforms for you to choose from. Please let Megan or Robert know which service you prefer. The options are:

    • Facebook Messenger
    • Facetime
    • Skype
    • Zoom meetings are available by request through Robert.
    • Google hangouts can accommodate 10 individual users on the same chat.

    As always, you may reach your resident via telephone by calling directly to the area on the RHCF where they live.
    • 315.338.7201 North/South
    • 315.338.7101 East

    While calling anytime is acceptable, we ask that you avoid calling during meal times:
    • Breakfast 7-8 AM; Lunch 11:45AM-2 PM and Dinner 5-6:30 PM

    Our first priority is always the health and safety of our residents and staff. Please contact us at 315.338.7305 if you have questions.