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    A healthy baby starts with a healthy pregnancy.

    Rome Memorial Hospital’s Prenatal Care Services program offers complete pregnancy care and other health services to women who live in Oneida and Madison counties, and who meet certain income guidelines.

    The program staff helps eligible women who are uninsured or underinsured apply for prenatal care coverage. 

    Services include routine pregnancy check-ups, hospital care during pregnancy and delivery, and full health care for the woman until at least two months after delivery.

    Our staff social worker will help you with to coordinate with services, such as WIC, public health nursing, transportation, and childbirth classes.  All prenatal care, except ultrasound and lab work, is provided at our downtown office.

    A nutritionist comes to the clinic weekly to ensure that you are getting the best nutrition possible for you and your baby.  Our midwives and physicians, along with two registered nurses, ensure you get answers to your questions and concerns.  We are committeed to the best possible care - and can help you make informed choices.

    If your pregnancy is high-risk, we have a collaborative practice with a high risk prenatal center in Syracuse.

    After the baby, we can help you choose a birth control that is right for you. 

    The center is located on the Centro bus route. 

    Come and meet our excellent staff and see why Rome Memorial Hospital is the right place to have your baby.

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