• April 6, 2022

    County announces $3 million in funding for Women’s Surgical Suite at Rome Health

    During his State of the County address today, County Executive Anthony Picente announced that Rome Health will be receiving $3 million to help fund the dedicated c-section suite adjacent to the Maternity Department on the fourth floor.

    “We are grateful to County Executive Anthony Picente for making an investment in the Women’s Surgical Suite at Rome Health,” said Rome Health President | Chief Executive Officer AnneMarie Czyz, EdD., RN, NEA-BC. “Thank you for helping Rome Health ensure that the best maternity care is easily accessible to the women of Rome and the surrounding rural communities.”

    “We are proud to be one of only two “Best Maternity Hospitals” in the state. The funding for a dedicated c-section suite will enable Rome Health to take the next step in advancing our bold plan for the future,” Czyz said. “While navigating the pandemic, we broke ground on our new Physician Center, became a nationally accredited bariatric center and invested in revolutionary 7D technology for spine surgery.”

    The hospital plans to renovate 2,000 square foot of existing space and convert it to a modern surgical suite adjacent to the Maternity Department for enhanced patient safety and to optimize the hospital’s existing operating suites on the first floor.

    Although the hospital’s c-section rate is better than the state average, the hospital’s overall obstetrics volume grew 28.5% between 2020 and 2021 with reduced access to care in neighboring communities and the hospital’s designation as one of only two “Best Maternity Hospitals” in the state.

    In addition, the hospital’s overall surgical volume increased 26.4% with the addition of new service lines and new surgeons. Currently, one of the four existing operating rooms is reserved for emergent C-sections.

    Creating a dedicated Women’s Surgical Suite for both scheduled and emergent C-sections will increase available capacity for general surgical growth. In 2021, 744 babies were born at Rome Health. Of those 282 were by c-section, including repeat procedures.

    “The county’s investment will help us to accelerate our plans for expanding access to the best care out there, here in Rome,” Czyz said.